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About Hello Happiness

Helping to create cultural happiness by listening to and learning from people. We share time, conversation and space. Our offering includes personalized enrichment lectures, Tapas Training; nibble sized workshops, 1:1 coaching and more to help individuals and companies.

Happiness can be achieved through quality coaching. We teach and empower people to consistently shift the spotlight to focus on what brings them happiness whatever their personal and professional schedules.

With over 19 years’ happiness performance and delivery, and successfully touching the lives of over 170,000 people, we know from experience that our tailored happiness events can improve the happiness, health and wellness of those that we share our time with.

Happiness is fundamental to our lives; without it, we can lack of clarity and purpose.

Our coaching generates internal happiness, encouraging more creative and confident cultures.


Hello Happiness Enrichment Lectures

We teach individuals in-depth techniques to discover and practice their own version of happiness.

Facilitated by Hello Happiness Listeners, Learners, Creators and Sharers.
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Tapas Training Experience!

Hello Happiness’ new and exciting concept, your Tapas Training Experience delivers handpicked, nibble-sized and structured workshops from 18 to 36 weeks for groups of up to 100 people.

Workshops uncover the formulas for happiness.
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Hello Happiness 1:1 Coaching

Your bespoke coaching offers tailored, results based personal happiness coaching for anyone.

45-minute sessions devoted to enriching individual lifestyles. Together, we develop personal happiness plans which both provoke thought and encourage action.
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Choose, accept, action and share your happiness.

Our goal is to educate 2 million people by 2027 on the art and science of happiness.

Our services are designed, delivered and developed worldwide, with over 14,000 hours shared and learned from events and activities.

Hello Happiness grows every day from the overwhelming support of many expert contributors from across the globe, from psychologists to poets and everyone in between

We can guide you to discover your breed of happiness:

Emerge Happy

Energize Happy

Evolve Happy

Explore Happy

Engage Happy

Empower Happy

Encourage Happy

Experience Happy

Explode Happy


  • "Awesome course so bright and breezy I always try to make the most of every moment because you get so much back
    Well done you awesome journey you should be very proud"
    "Feel excited, energised and elated that you have been able to recognise and confirm things to me"
    "Thank you so much for yesterday your enthusiasm & positivity is infectious!!"
  • "Thank you so much for taking time to listen, understand and start to make some clarity for me to move forward"
    "Excited for my personal changes I can make and realise it's not going to be easy but I feel this is the right time to do this"
    "Feel lighter within myself"

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