Sleep Sleep and More Sleep

February 25, 2022

Believe it or Not, the recommended amount per night is 7-9 hours to function properly. How many hours of sleep do you get per night?

With the pace of life getting faster and faster, and with people cramming in more and more into every minute of the day, we have to be careful sleep doesn’t get neglected or sacrificed. A lack of sleep can drain us mentally and physically, with real health risks. Including Obesity, heart disease and diabetes - and it shortens life expectancy.

It's now clear that a solid night's sleep is essential for a long and healthy life.

So, let’s all aim to get a little more sleep each night for optimal health, even if you aim for as little as 30 minutes extra per night. This alone can make a big difference to how we feel.

Top Tips To Sleep Better

Keep regular sleep hours

Going to bed when you feel tired and getting up at roughly the same time helps teach your body to sleep better. Try to avoid napping where possible.

Confront sleeplessness

If you are lying awake unable to sleep, do not force it. Get up and do something relaxing for a bit, and return to bed when you feel sleepier.

Create a restful environment

Dark, quiet and cool environments generally make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Write down your worries

If you often lie awake worrying about tomorrow, set aside time before bed to make a list for the next day. This can help put your mind at rest.

Move more, sleep better

Being active throughout the day can help you sleep better, but remember to avoid vigorous activity near bedtime as it may affect your sleep.

Put down the pick-me-ups

Caffeine and alcohol can stop you from falling asleep and can prevent a deep sleep. Try to cut down on alcohol and avoid caffeine close to bedtime.

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