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The Diamond Smile

Rick who is an Inspirational Speaker, Coach and Founder of Hello Happiness, will deliver training on the power of a positive mind set and will share useful tools and techniques from around the world to help participants unlock personal growth, reach their full potential and ultimately achieve true happiness. After your Smile session, each participant will receive a 4 Week Support Package, involving a whole host of aftercare materials, motivational wellbeing advice and positive health challenges, suitable for all abilities.

Ranging from just £49,99 pp (minimum of 40)

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for small business
Based on a group of 40 people.
£45 per person
for small business
Based on a group of 20 people.
£90 per person
for small business
Based on a group of 10 people.
normally $399 £180 per person


You can tailor your session by hand picking 3 of the relevant topics from the tapas sessions below:

  • Responsibility and Encouragement
  • Breathe, Ask, Listen
  • Loves, Values, Strengths
  • Give and Grow
  • Belonging
  • Freedom
  • Creativity
  • Time and Money
  • Brain, Heart and Gut Fuel
  • Letting go, feeling enough and giving self-permission

If you would like more than one session: You can book the same 3 tapas topics for your smile session, multiply times if you have more than 40 people. Alternatively you can mix and match to deliver different sessions.

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Diamond Smile







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