Sleep Sleep and More Sleep
Believe it or Not, the recommended amount per night is 7-9 hours to function properly. How many hours of sleep do you get per night? With the pace of life getting faster and faster, and with people cramming in more and more into every minute of the day, we have to be careful sleep doesn’t [&hellip...
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Be Mindful at Work
After a meeting, why not give yourself just 5 minutes to press the pause button. Using mindfulness whilst you are either working from home or at work will help you to increase your focus and decrease your stress levels. Just a couple of minutes everyday can really help, even small amounts ...
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Healthy Eating Habits
Eating a healthy balanced diet, with a variety of different foods, will ensure you get all the essential nutrients and energy you need through the day. Vitamin D It is important we maintain sufficient levels of vitamin D. Since our main source of vitamin D is sunlight, this advice is ...
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Working from Home
Set your alarm and get up, showered and dressed as you normally would for a day’s work (not necessarily office wear – stay comfy – but maybe not your PJs!). If you have space in your home, set up in a separate area from your normal living space (preferably an area you can close away […]...
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Quick Bursts of Happiness
Treat yourself to flowers Studies have shown that flowers can have a positive emotional improvement on your mood. Smile more often Smiling tricks the brain and body into a calmer response. Smiling can also help to lower heart rate during times of stress. Eat more fruit and vegetables Studies have sh...
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